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Targeted areas for potential use are:

Utility Companies - State and Local

Country Clubs - Golf courses and walk ways

Moving Companies - Residential and Commercial

Amusement/Recreational Parks - Work Areas, Etc.

Contractors - Home, swimming pools, etc.

Landscaping Companies

Lawn and garden suppliers


FRP Fabricators - Products -
Custom - Turf Panels

FRP Turf Panels are a molded, one piece fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) panel and are constructed of 60% resin and 40% continuous glass roving. They are non-conductive, non-magnetic, will not rust, are corrosion resistant and are maintenance free.

FRP Turf Panels are a made with an anti-slip top surface, which minimizes slips and falls. Their strong, integral construction provides two-way strength so that load requirements for motorized traffic weighing up to 16 ton can be met. FRP Turf Panels are light-weight for easy installation or removal and relocation without mechanical hoister or lifts. A panel weighs approximately 115 pounds.

FRP Turf Panels are principally used for protecting turf (lawns' grassy areas' etc.) in both commercial and residential areas from damage by heavy traffic flow.

FRP Turf Panels are available in a standard size of 6' wide by 12' long.

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